Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cherish the Day!

Parents…do you remember your senior prom? 

Aside from the weird hair and the blackmail pictures that are still in your parent’s possession…the memories are still what dreams are made of. My senior prom theme was ‘Cherish the Day’. It brings back so many fond thoughts as I recall attempting to slow dance to Sade’s beautiful, yet melancholy voice. 
I digress. Why not make this day extra special for your precious teenager as they celebrate the culmination of their four years of hard work in high school. Your child is preparing to move forward in life with all of the wisdom and advice that you have provided.  

So gift your senior and his or her friends with a limousine ride to and from the prom. Make the night truly unforgettable and show them the finer things that life has to offer.

Help to create the ambiance that will manifest a Prom Night and Day that they will truly cherish forever! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day is one the most memorable holidays of the year!  It’s a time to reflect on that special person in your life and what they mean to you.  It’s also an opportunity to show them your devoted love through time spent, kisses shared, gifts given, candlelight dinner, and heartfelt card or a romantic getaway.  

Presidential Limo understands the importance of Valentine’s Day and we want to help you make it special for the one you love.  We offer a variety of modern, beautiful, luxurious limousines at affordable prices.  We also provide excellent customer service and our limousine drivers are attentive to your every whim.  Let’s make this Valentine’s Day a day that your lover will always cherish, by creating memories that last a lifetime—together!