Sunday, October 23, 2016

10 Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself to a Presidential Limousine Experience!

October is the 10th month of the year. In honor of its place amongst our annual rotation, here are 10 reasons why you should treat yourself to a Presidential Limo experience:

#1) The World Series takes place in October and the NBA as well as the NHL both start their seasons. Hey, the night is young! During your ride make a stop at Kona Grill. Indulge your pallet. Sip wine, munch on hors de vours and catch the latest scores.

#2) Presidential Limo can chauffeur you to a Baltimore favorite, Thames Street Oyster House to dine on Octopus as your main course in honor of the prefix “octo” which also shows up in this month’s namesake. October was originally the 8th month of the Roman calendar, hence the “octo”.

#3) If you are an October Libra, than you truly understand the concept of “balancing the scales”. You also adore posh surroundings and the great d├ęcor of all things upscale and classy. Up until the 22rd, this would be your month, and what better way to bring in a new year of life and to bring balance to your focused year, than to score a Presidential Limo Party Bus for you and your many friends. You are such a people person so it would be a celebration that they will all never forget. 

#4) If you are a Scorpio, on the 23rd you get to one up your November sign mates and start the season. That should put you in a good mood! You can have total control of the planning as Presidential Limousines offers the flexibility and services that fit your needs. Since you are such a fierce competitor, a white party on a White Party Bus will have everyone admiring your party throwing prowess and talking about the night for years to come!

#5) Columbus Day is still a holiday in October even though it is common knowledge that he did not actually discover America. Baltimore offers a host of options in terms of sites, museums, and activities that represent moments in history that actually happened. A day of history would be a unique experience to celebrate a scholar or an avid reader that appreciates literature, and art. So why not treat that special someone in your life to a Presidential Limo tour?

#6) October 4th is National Taco Day. Little Havana Restaurante y Cantina Cubana is amazing. Presidential Limo will take you there. Dinner, dancing, mojitos! You will enjoy!

#7) On October 31st, part of the world will experience a black moon where the earth is invisible from the sun. Baltimore had this experience in September, so the moon light will be just right for a romantic October night. Presidential Limo will take you on a splendid drive that will help you to have the full experience of the romantic ambiance that it evokes.

#8) Boo! Halloween is not just for the kids. Adult Halloween parties are becoming all the rage. Perhaps she is dressed as Tina Turner and he decided that Captain America’s spandex would be a great idea. Presidential Limo will save you from the other ghouls. Forget about the tricks, this ride will be a pure treat better than tri-colored candy corn.

#9) October is the month of Free Fall Baltimore. Over 300 free events are offered all over the city. Make a day or a night of it utilizing Presidential Limousine services to transport you in luxury from one event to another.

#10) Winter is coming. Enjoy the beauty of an October day before the true chill is upon us with a wine tour. What a better way to end the season of change? Presidential Limousines offers many options of various wine tours in Maryland and will take you on a fabulous tour of the most beautiful vineyards. You can circulate your stemmed glass, sniff the robust flavors, and sip without a care as your chauffeur is your designated driver.

Experience Autumn with Presidential Limo today! 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

FALL in Love Again ...

Fall is officially here and Love is in the air…so fall into it. You can feel it in the brisk breeze that tempts your hands to linger as you adjust the collar of your partner’s windbreaker. Daytime is for raking the multi-colored leaves together as a team. You both giggle as they scatter haphazardly when you take turns falling into them with the carefree innocence of a child. 

It is in the still moments of time that the recognition of love happens. It is when your eyes meet over newspapers and tea cups filled with pumpkin spice caffeine kicks, one with a hint of crimson on the rim. 

The evening is for reaching the crescendo of love that gradually accumulated throughout the day’s exchange of sweet nothings. And you have decided to make a night of it in a vintage Rolls Royce Presidential Limousine. So, you let go of the stress and complexities of life and exchange them for a red carpet romance, complete with music set to your mood and a chauffeur that caters to your needs so that you can focus on each other.

So dip…sink….plunge....fall....into love again…with Presidential Limos, cradled in the comfort and quality that distinguishes our fleet from the rest.

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